Grant Funding

Priority [15] provides grants to individuals and groups that are using preach and heal strategies to make disciples and plant churches among our 15 strategic priorities. Priority [15] supports the following initiatives:

  • Career Missionary Support for people committing to 4 or more years of missionary service among one the Priority [15].
  • Project Development for existing mission teams that are developing preach and heal strategies among the Priory [15].
  • Strategy Development Support for teams who are initiating work among the Priority [15] and need seed money to develop a strategic plan for long-term engagement.

If you are interested in working among the Priority [15] and are in need of financial support, please fill out our online grant application. Grant applications are completely secure and your information will be kept confidential. A grant administrator will follow up with you after reviewing your application.

Grant applications must meet the following core values of Priority [15] to be funded:

  • Applicants must engage one of Priority [15]'s strategic priorities with their proposal.
  • Applicants are required to use a team based approach.
  • Applicants are required to attest that they have mobilized friends, family, and/or churches to spend 100 hours of intercessory prayer on behalf of the strategic priority before applying for grant funding.
  • Applicants should include in their application a "preach and heal" strategy for church planting. Preaching focuses on evangelism and biblical teaching. Healing focuses on a tangible demonstration of God's love to meet physical and emotional needs. For more information on "preach and heal" strategies, read "Preach and Heal" by Charles Fielding and Luke 10:1-23.

[Grant Application]

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Please select the type of initiative you want Priority [15] to fund.
What area or people group will you target?
Team Based Approach *
Do you have other team members who will assist you with this project or who will accompany you as career missionaries?
100 Hours of Prayer *
Have you mobilized 100 hours of prayer on behalf of your targeted people group?
Preach and Heal *
Do you plan to include tangible demonstrations of God's love as a part of your evangelism and church planting strategy?
What is your funding request? Priority [15] generally grants $3,000 to $5,000 for strategic plans, $5,000 to $50,000 for projects, and $5,000 to $50,000 for missionaries who commit to 4+ years of service.
Please provide us with a detailed description of how these funds will be used, including the total number of people to be served, length of project, goals and objectives, and the action plan for how the project will be accomplished. If you are applying for funding as a career missionary please include information about your church and sending agency, your missions or ministry experience, your approach to mission work, and your intended outcomes.